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Chess Club

After school club for students 1st through 5th where your child can learn the basics of playing chess. 

Benefits of Children Learning Chess

  • Develops Logic, Critical Thinking, and Creativity The game of chess requires a lot of “if this, then-that” scenarios, requiring players to imagine all the potential moves, alternatives and outcomes of each possibility. One study found that kids who had been playing chess versus computer games scored 13 percentage points higher in critical thinking and 35 percentage points higher in creative thinking.
  • Increases Concentration & Memory Studies have shown that children who play chess regularly significantly improve their visual memory and concentration. A fantastic aspect of chess is that the game rewards you for concentration and penalizes you for losing it. Lose focus and you lose a piece, or worse, the game! Maintain focus and you're likely to win! This aspect of the game of chess gives a child's brain a fun incentive to stay focused while playing!
  • Unique Styles The game of chess is a game of problem-solving, planning, and foresight. Being able to think through changing variables and formulate a plan based on various possibilities are invaluable skills necessary for the game, and more importantly, for life!
  • Improves Reading Skills Chess requires kids to use cognitive functions such as decoding, analysis, thinking, and comprehension which are all skills required for reading. Studies have shown that kids who play chess score an average of 10 percentage points higher on reading tests versus kids who don’t play chess.
  • Teaches Planning and Foresight In order to win in the game of chess you must have the ability to foresee multiple possibilities and outcomes in order to formulate a successful plan. Forming a plan is similar to drawing a map. Learning to think ahead and plan where you need to position your pieces in order to trap, capture, or block your opponent’s pieces is vital to the game of chess. Ultimately, the goal is to capture your opponent’s king, but patience and planning is key to getting there. A lot has to be done to set yourself up for success.

2023 Schedule

The club will meet after school on Mondays for 5 weeks. Each session will be 1 hour long.

Week 1 - 2/27/23 - First day
Week 2 - 3/6/23
Week 3 - 3/13/23
Week 4 - 3/20/23  
Week 5 - 3/27/23 - Tournament!

The last day we will hold a chess tournament and encourage parents to come watch. 

Chess Club Gear

We plan to have T-Shirts and more for sale to help raise money for boards and other equipment.


I am an SMES parent of 2 boys who are very excited about learning the game of chess. In an effort to expand their interest in the game and inspire others to learn as well I decided to launch a chess club for the students. I am a former Firefighter and currently a Software Engineer at a local tech company.

Bart Powers
SMES Parent



Please reach out to let us know if you are interested in signing up so we can figure out our club size. 

"When you see a good move, look for a better one."

- Emmanuel Lasker

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